Friday, August 6, 2010

.Introduction To AlexAndHer: Simply De'Vine.

This has been a long time coming... and for a perfectionist this is pretty much a big deal. greatness means you must put in time effort and passion. and MUS1C is my passion. this is what I grew up on and will continue to do so. and in case you have not known before, my name is De'Vine Alexander. you may call me Alex [AlexAndHer] or you may call be De'Vine; personally i do not mind either.
i was introduced to MUS1C through my parents upbringing. my mother loves to dance and sing and kept me in the choir all of my life. she told me that I must always dance... so i did. my father is a D.J. so everyday there was MUS1C in my house... and i mean everyday.
i never thought of myself as an artist until i was in junior high school when i used to freestyle with my home girls Bisi and Chantelle. i miss them so much but that instance pushed me to want to go further. i went on to high school and met a young talented girl who became one of my best friends by the name of Luci M. and we became a group together [Luci M. and De'Vine]. we made good music together and i wrote songs for others who i work with [Rejean]. now that i am solo i want to go further. i recently turned 21 years young and i finally bought my own mic. my sexy Yeti. [.=^-^=.] i am learning to be my own engineer and i am quite anxious and nervous to tell the truth. i am such a perfectionist and i want to make sure it is right. not really because it is an reflection on me, which it is, but more because i love my fans and i want them to have Good MUS1C. i advocate for Good MUSIC.
now here is my disclaimer: i am a mixed breed. my family background hits Jamaica, China, India, Ireland, Scottland, England, and Germany... why? i have no idea. people get around, what can i say. i mostly gear towards the Jamaican Asian connection and i am a New Yorker by heart. born and raised in Southside Jamaica Queens... so those things are what influences me. i aim to be outside of the box. i cannot see myself being the same as other artists and quite frankly i would not allow myself to become a shadow of another artist anyway. i am also a writer and a visual artist. i dabble in painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, and poetry. [as you can see i prefer lower case lettering] i will treat this blog site as an outlet for my artistic integrity. i am just that one of a kind.
as for learning to work and master being on my own as a musical artist... hmm... with that you all will just have to wish me luck.
and as always i do this for my artistic integrity and i do it for my fans. .L0VE . G00D . MUS1C.